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We provide a Resume Flash Service for our candidates to help them make sure their Resume/CV reaches top companies and various consultants. And also, save time and effort of finding suitable vacancies and e-mailing your CV.

We also provide a Resume Writing Service to help our candidates write a classic and compelling Resume/CV to be presented with their application.

ProArch Consulting Service understands how hard it can get to make some career decisions so we provide a consultancy service to help our candidates with any career issue they might be having.

1. Complete Services When you request for our complete service plan, you leave the whole recruitment and hiring process to us. You can check out our process for the steps we take towards providing our clients with the best set of talent. Eg: Complete recruitment life cycle – Source to Hire 2. Partial Services When

Our sourcing service plan is like partial service plan but unlike partial service plan, our role here has been identified and we help our client minimize both time and resources required to find some particular type of candidates. If you request for our sourcing service plan, here are the steps involved; You (Client) provide us

ProArch Consulting Service provides you with a special plan for searching for candidates to fit into a senior or an executive position. With this plan, ProArch Consulting Service will help you and your business find highly skilled and experienced candidates to fit into a senior or executive role. In this plan, ProArch Consulting Service uses

The head-hunting plan is almost similar to that of executive search. But unlike executive search, when you apply for our Head-Hunting services, we dedicate a head hunter to search for a suitable professional for a specific role whether they are openly looking for a new challenge or not. And the last part of the sentence

As a Consulting Service, ProArch also provides other Services such as: LinkedIn List Building: Contact Information Search: Our research team assists our clients with their search for a specific information about a contact. Job Posting and follow up Services: We post job vacancies on behalf of our clients and also help them with the follow